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Peer Buddy Ohio offers customized and  step-by-step guidance to establish a Peer Collaboration program in your school or district.




Some of the training highlights include:


·      Manual conntains over 20 complete and ready to use lesson plans for training peer collaborating students, program organization, maintenance, and trouble shooting guide

·      Explanation of research and outcomes of using this peer collaboration program

·      Presentation on evolution, uses, and programs through peer collaboration

·      Needs assessment for you and your school with consultation on where to start

·      Hands on experience with using peer training lessons (included in the manual) and reflection for future use

·      Members will have a designated time to meet with members of your school for program planning and consultations with presenters to create your program

·      Follow up support provided

Lesson Plans Used to Train Peer Collabaorators

Sample Activites & Lesson Plans  


click on this link to download all the forms you will need to start a student run copy center


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