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What Teachers and Students are saying about Peer Collaboration

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From former Peer Collaborators...

“The students I help in peer collaboration are inspiring. They navigate through every day with additional challenges; however, they do so with a smile on their face. These students warm my heart and never fail to make my day.”

“ The students in peer collaboration inspire me to be positive in every way possible. Their love and support encourages me to accept everyone that I meet.”

“Being a peer means the world to me. The students with whom I work are great; no matter what mood I’m in, or how bad my day has been, I always leave in a great mood after working with them. I have never felt more blessed in my life.”

"I learn more working as a Peer Collaborator than I do during any other class during my day. During the 48 minutes a day I learn along side the kids I’m helping. I have learned how to be a mentor and lead a group of kids.  I have learned how to break down tasks and explain activities. I get first hand experiences working with people, collaborating with my fellow peers, helping our kids, and that’s not something I could learn in a classroom."

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